Open fermentation

Browar Fortuna in Miłosław is among the few Polish breweries where traditional, open fermentation vats are used.

Fermentation in open vats is a quiet process which takes place at very low temperatures; depending on the type of beer, the temperature is at 8-10 °C (major fermentation). The process takes place at a natural speed, not hurried in any way. Complete fermentation takes from 12 to 14 days; this is up to twice as long as the fermentation process used in rapid, modern technological brewing in closed tanks.

On the other hand, beers from the Miłosław brewery, fermented in open vats, offer a fresh, traditional flavour and aroma, where the major features of specific beer styles prevail. Our yeast is happier, because it enjoys good fermentation conditions; it reciprocates by providing an extremely tasty result of its efforts. We dedicate the beers from Browar Fortuna to those discerning and informed consumers who relish this golden brew.